We are hiring!

We are looking for a clever person to join the Language Design team.

About Language Design®

Most things begin life as an idea, which has to be put into words to be shared, developed and actualised. The quality of this expression can determine the quality of the idea in the world. Its power to influence or enlighten an audience is reliant on the right language.

From speeches to brand names, white papers to user interfaces, lyrics to headlines, Language Design finds the idea’s purest expression.

Our finished product is typically written, but you needn’t identify as a writer to contribute to the value we offer a diverse range of clients.

What we need

We are after a critical thinker with good interpersonal skills who enjoys written expression.

The work we do on behalf of our clients varies from the strategic to the executional, but you will need to be able to:

– Parse complex material and distil essential points
– Recognise and articulate narrative threads binding macro and micro contexts
– Find and mine the creative vein within routinely challenging briefs
– Enjoy varying voice, tone and style to suit the brief
– Move comfortably between creative expansion and academic focus

The Role

– Full time, mostly remote
– Good opportunity for professional development with experienced writers
– Working closely with a small and supportive team
– Growth opportunity with expanding business
– Regular remote client contact
– Occasional in-person client contact depending on locality

Please email to introduce yourself, and let us know what interests you about the position. Include all the usual details, and any experience or examples of work that you feel might be relevant. mail@languagedesign.com.au